Suggested Uses for Apples

Apple varieties have different qualities. Some are perfect for baking, some work better for salads, and some are ideal for eating fresh off the tree. Our apples are harvested from mid-summer to late fall.






Lodi early July Sour Tender Baking, Sauces
Jersey Mac mid to late July Tart Tender Baking, Eating
Akane early August Tangy Crisp Eating, Baking
Gala mid August Sweet Crisp Eating, Salads
Golden Supreme late August Sweet Crisp Eating, Baking
Honeycrisp late August Sweet Crisp Eating
McIntosh late Aug to early Sept Tart Tender Baking, Eating
Jonathan early September Tart Firm Baking, Eating
Jonagold early September Tangy Crisp Eating, Baking
Grimes Golden early to mid Sept Spicy Tender Baking
Cortland mid September Tart Tender Baking, Eating
Empire mid September Tart Crisp Eating, Baking
Mutsu mid September Sweet Crisp Eating, Baking
Red Delicious mid September Sweet Crisp Eating, Salads
Melrose mid to late Sept Tart Firm Eating, Baking
Golden Delicious late September Sweet Crisp Eating, Baking
Rome early to mid October Mild Firm Baking
Winesap mid October Tart Firm Eating, Baking
Fuji mid to late October Sweet Crisp Eating
Granny Smith mid to late October Tart Very Firm Baking, Eating
Pink Lady late October Tangy Firm Eating, Baking