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Welcome to Hirsch's.

Working hard to grow healthy, tasty fruit.

If you are in the Chillicothe, Ohio area, we welcome you to visit our farm or satellite market, open year-round, to shop from a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

May 2018 Farm Notes & News:

Spears of Spring

The symbol of spring - asparagus - is here! We are now picking fresh asparagus and we will have it daily in our markets. If you like asparagus, you’ll love our fresh picked goodness. All of our asparagus is picked by hand and snapped off above the ground, so nearly all of what you buy you can cook and eat! Whether your preference is for thick stalks, medium stalks or gourmet thins, all of our fresh stalks are tender. Asparagus is not only delicious but nutritious as well. It is high in Vitamin A & Vitamin C and is rich in Riboflavin & Folic acid (B vitamins). It also contains the minerals potassium and phosphorous, and contains no fat, no cholesterol and no sodium. One cup of fresh asparagus has just 36 calories and it makes a great substitute for broccoli in your favorite recipes.
So, whether you like your asparagus raw with dip, steamed with melted butter or cooked in your favorite casserole, we hope that you will try our fresh asparagus this year. Check out the recipe page for a great Turkey-Asparagus Divan recipe.

Get Your Garden Growing - Flowers, Plants & Seeds

To many people spring time means garden time and playing in the dirt. And whether you’re a flower gardener or a vegetable gardener, we have what you need. From flats of beautiful flowers and tomato plants to vegetable seeds, we have a great selection of old favorites, new varieties and even some heirloom selections. We also have gorgeous mixed pots and great hanging baskets as well as the most beautiful potted geraniums around. We carry a broad selection of perennials, everything from Achillea to Viscaria and at least 60 others in-between. We also have a number of different herbs in addition to onion sets and seed potatoes.